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A nutritious and appealing four-week menu has been developed, which includes fresh fruit and vegetables every day. We cater for all special dietary needs.

Our seasonal menus run on a four weekly rota providing a varied diet and lots of new food each week. The menus have been carefully created to meet nutritional guidelines for young children. Children are introduced to fresh fruit and vegetables daily which are locally sourced.

We also provide a range of freshly prepared purees for babies that are weaning, starting with vegetables and adding white meat and fish when/if parents wish. When ready, the babies can move on from puree or lumpier versions of the main menu.

Staff are available to discuss your child’s needs when you feel your child is ready for the next stage of weaning.
Have a look at our  four-weekly-rotating food menu below. Weaning meals for babies is available on site and can be requested after registering your child.

Eating Watermelon
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