Meet Our Team

"I first opened Early Inspirations, to provide a safe and nurturing environment for the community. Since opening, we have been able to build a positive, vibrant and purposeful environment for our children, parents and staff, whilst offering support and guidance".

"I am so proud of our excellent team here at Early Inspirations, we continue to support and motivate each other at all levels. We have built a loving and caring nursery, in which we are motivated by the progress of our children".

"I love working in a team of people who are driven and passionate about their job. The Nursery gives opportunity for continuous improvements in both professional and personal development.

Providing care, education and equal opportunities for all children is at the core of Early Inspirations."

"My favourite thing about Early Inspirations is the amazing people I have met, from staff to children, I feel like I have made friends and memories for life. I love that I am now completing my childcare qualification as I can now contribute to the development of the next generation".

"At Early Inspirations it feels like I am working with Family, all of my peers are very helpful and lovely people. I am so happy to be excelling with my childcare qualifications so I can continue to contribute towards the development of the children in our community"




My Name is Natasha and I am the founder of Early Inspirations Nursery. Early Inspirations was founded in 2011. Prior to starting my business I have been a Primary School Teacher, SEN Inclusion Officer and Nursery Manager. I have over 20 years of experience working with children and families.

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Nursery Manager

My Name is Wendy, I have worked at Early Inspirations since June 2013. I started as an apprentice and I now have my Level 6 BA Honours in Childhood Studies and Manage Early Inspirations. I have thrived and developed throughout my time here, I also enjoy watching how our children progress and develop throughout their time here at Early Inspirations.




My name is Alex, I started with Early Inspirations in October 2018 as the Business Administrator. I was so inspired by the progress of the staff and their determination and experience that I am now completing my Level 3 in Childcare and have gained many more relevant qualifications and a vast amount of experience in Business Administration.



Senior Practitioner

Hello my name is Janine and I have been working with Early Inspirations since July 2012. I began as the Nursery Cook, then in 2013 I completed my Level 2 and have since progressed throughout the company, now working towards Level 5  in Childhood Studies and youth. I am currently enjoying my creative role Display co-ordinator whilst also supporting Preschool.



Receptionist / Nursery Support

Hello My Name is Shakera, I have been with Early Inspirations since 2012 and I initally started as a Nursery Cook, I then went on to complete my Level 2 in Administration. Both of my children have attended Early Inspirations. I now work as the Nursery Receptionist and also provide support ovedr lunch and break times.

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Nursery Cook

My name is Rukhsana, I started working at Early Inspirations Nursery in September 2016 as the Nursery Cook and House Keeper. Whilst being at Early Inspirations I have completed my Level 2 in childcare so that I can also input in childcare as well as nutrition and healthy eating.

“I love Early Inspirations because my boss and manager are brilliant and amazing. They have really helped me”

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Toddlers - Caterpillar Room

Hello, my name is Ruqayya, I began here in January 2021. I have completed my Level 3 in Childcare & Development and have worked with young children for several years. I also have expererience with older children managing an afterschool clubs. I love working with children and seeing their smiles, I also enjoy building partnerships with parents.

"I have always enjoyed working with children, helping them strive from an early age brings me immense joy. Whilst being at Early Inspirations I have been able to contribute towards building a nurturing and empowering environment. Early Inspirations has also helped me make progress due to the great staff and inclusion".

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Baby Room - Little Eggs

My name is Megan, I have completed my Level 3 in childcare and Lead the baby room. I began working at Early Inspirations Nursery in June 2019. I really love working with children, spending time with children each day, and supporting them to develop and grow is my passion.



Little Eggs Room - Baby Room

My name is Keegan, I began working at Early Inspirations in 2020. I have  started working towards my Level 2 in childcare. I am now supporting staff in the baby room and have been made to feel extremely welcomed by the Early Inspirations staff team. I am loving getting to learn new skills daily.

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My name is Saira, I began working at Early Inspirations in January 2014 as a Level 2 apprentice and now I am  qualified to Level 2. I enjoy working with children, and making lots of progress in continuing professional development. I have gained lots of experience working with different age groups at Early Inspirations.




Hello my name is Joanna. I work at Early Inspirations Nursery as an apprentice and I am working towards my Level 2 qualification in Childcare and Development.

I am based in Preschool with the 3 to 5 year olds. I really enjoy working at Early Inspirations and I look forward to continue learning and gaining more knowledge about child learning and development.



Preschool Room Leader

Hello, my name is Prisca, I have worked at early inspirations since November 2017 in the toddlers room as a level 2 practitioner. I qualified as a level 3 practitioner in 2020 and became Room leader. I have now moved rooms and I am the room leader of Preschool. I love it!

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Baby Room - Little Eggs

Hello, my name is Shabnaz, I have worked at Early Inspirations since September 2017 in Baby Room, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. I have experience of toddler room/ Caterpillar Room which I really enjoyed. I have completed my level 2 in childcare and continuously look to enhance my CPD.

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Skye- student

All Rooms

Hi, my name is Skye, I am a college student currently studying A' Levels. I currently help out in the rooms supporting staff and interacting with the children. I love to see the children grow, develop and make progress.



Caterpillar Room

Hello, my name is Isra, I am working towards my Level 2 Childcare Qualification. I began working at Early Inspirations in September 2021 and I am really enjoying working with the staff team. I have previously worked with children aged 0 to 5 and love interacting with children.



Caterpillar Room

Hello, my name is Holly I have worked in childcare for 2 years. I began working at Early Inspiorations in June 2021. I have completed my level 2 and currently working towards my level 3, I aspire to help children learn and achieve their goals, I enjoy making their journey through eduation fun and exciting



Toddlers - Caterpillar Room

My name is Emman, I began working at Early Inspirations Nursery in January 2021. I am currently working towards my Level 2 in childcare. I have experience of supporting children with additional needs. I enjoy working as a staff team member and thoroughly enjoy working with the tremendous two year olds.



Handy Man

My name is Roy, I started with Early Inspirations in 2020 as the Handy Man. I have had many years’ experience working in schools. The children call me 'Bob The Builder!

I like that we all work as a team and we are all positive at all times. I also I also like that we have lots of different stimulating activities in each room for different ages and abilities. We put a lot of work into our activity planning. One of my favourite things is our Parents Evening.

"Everyone at Early Inspirations works together as a team, continuously putting ideas forward to ensure we always provide the best environment and activities for our Children"

"I enjoy the positivity that staff project and the teamwork between staff and parents, to ensure the most for our children. I have been able to boost my self-confidence by specialised training courses. 1 to 1 meetings, team meetings and online courses have also boosted my knowledge in childcare as I have progressed through my apprenticeship".

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Early Inspirations follows the requirements for safer recruitment as set out by Early Years Foundation Stages Statutory Requirements.